My weekend

Spent doing the following things:

*Meeting my lovely girlfriend after my work induction and her Uni session.
*Having the first lez-fest road trip of approximately 1 mile to Teesside Park for Tyson’s rather orange (and somewhat, camp) harness, which might I add, he looks adorable in.
*Having a night in with Mary and awesome friends.
*Introducing Mary to Miranda, all thanks to Minneh
*Laughing at Miranda, because she’s brilliant.
*Making Enchilada’s for Mary and succeeding, despite being crap and rubbish at cooking.  
*Meeting Nicci and Lou (Mary’s friends) and stopping in their lovely seaside home, drinking various cocktails, going for a pint in a local pub for local people and discovering a wonderful Celtic band called Fat Medicine, doing jigs to said band, watching Paranormal Activity 3. God, those kids were scary!
*Watching the Toon-Wear derby in the SU and subjecting Mary to the most tense 90 minutes of football we’ve ever watched together. Shola Ameobi is my god today. Proper air-punch occurred when he grabbed the Toon Army their equalizer.
Proper relaxed and lush weekend with my favourite person in the world. Looking forward to this week too.
Start work tomorrow though. Nervous! :0 

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